Friday, August 9, 2019

The Secret Ingredient in Manifesting Your Heart's Desire

June 30th, 2018, after a long stream of really unhealthy romantic relationships, I got really  present to how awful I spoke to myself inside my own head. Like, REALLY PRESENT. I realized that I was tolerating the behavior from the men I was dating because it was similar, if not better, than my own inner dialogue. At that point, I decided to take on a practice for a month where every day, I would write myself a short love note, speaking to myself the way I would want my ideal partner to. I called it the #RomanceYourSelfChallenge and posted it to Instagram to hold myself accountable (at the time, I kept promises to others but rarely to myself... I figured that using insta for support might be effective... and it was). By the end of the month, miracles were popping up everywhere! I manifested my dream car, noticed my relationships shifting positively, and best of all, I was HAPPY and *swimming* in gratitude. When the month was over, I moved on to other things, but in April 2019, I was feeling rather sludgy so I took it on again... and the same thing happened!! Miracles and happiness!

So this July, I took on doing it indefinitely, because it's obviously good for me.

And what do you know!?! Bigger miracles than ever before, the most incredible being my dad's severe "Alzheimer's" reversing back to a state where he can converse again, turn on the TV, answer the phone, learn new things... you get the point.

My whole point of writing this is that even though I always felt like a pretty good manifester, the big goals always seemed like a struggle bus. And now they're happening with ease.

Was self-love the missing secret ingredient??? When I think about it, I've always been pretty good at loving others, but loving myself was the challenge. And then it hit me! Of course self-loathing, which for me leads to anxiety and depression, would slow down my manifesting abilities. It's a great stop gap!! Imagine if we manifested everything we thought of when we were hating on ourselves or others??? Talk about bad news bears!

What a beautiful world I live in, where I am automatically protected in my darkest moments.❤

Happy Manifesting!

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