Saturday, March 26, 2016

Awakening the Healers

I have always wanted to heal the world. When I was younger, I thought that meant I had to individually help each and every person who is hurting on this planet to get better.

It was exhausting. And an impossible goal for one person. So I settled for helping as many individuals as possible. It was rewarding, but there was always this sense of inadequacy... it felt like I could never do enough because I was always falling short... After all, turn on the news for five minutes and it seems like the whole world is suffering and I was failing.

But a few months ago, it occurred to me that my logic was flawed.

In the healing arts, we practitioners have a gift to share... but that gift does not end with the patients or clients we help directly.  As a result of healing, that person starts to wake up. Like Neo in the Matrix, they are reborn... and that reawakening not only has a positive affect on those closest to them (friends and family) but even the strangers they encounter in their daily lives. (If you don't believe me, think of how cranky someone can get when they are in chronic pain or how sad and hopeless one can become when living with chronic illness.)

I often reference the Butterfly Effect when talking about my patients. My goal is to help change the world for the better by sending patients out my door with a higher vibration than they came in with. I do this using Chiropractic Adjustments, Neuro Emotional Technique, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Nutritional Adjustments, and Coaching as well as providing a safe, nonjudgmental, nurturing environment to facilitate change. Over the past decade, I have watched so many lives transform... But as I am maturing in practice, I am witnessing a miracle... As a result of the work I do, more and more patients are becoming healers themselves. And a couple of months ago, it hit me...

as healers, we awaken more healers.


I don't have to heal every person on the planet, and neither do you... simply help facilitate healing in those you can reach and the rest will fall into place.

We are all healers... some of us just haven't realized it yet.


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